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Monomeith Stud Farm has been Breeding and Racing horses for more than 110 years with great success. In more recent times the focus of the property has been to provide first class facilities to its many long term clients.

With the recent addition of a State of the Art 6 horse undercover Aquaciser a High Speed Horse Gym – Treadmill and the undercover 10 Horse Ground Walker. Monomeith is able to cater to the needs of all pre-training requirements by providing both concussion and non concussion programs.

Comprising over 160 acres of safely fenced lush pastures we also provide first class Agistment facilities.

Located on the South Gippsland Highway at Monomeith, we are in close proximity to Cranbourne, Pakenham / Tynong and Mornington Racecourses .We are approximately an hour from Metropolitan tracks at Sandown, Caulfield, Flemington and Moonee Valley.

LANKAN RUPEE has been making the most of the Monomeith Stud Farm facilities for over 2 years

LANKAN RUPEE has been making the most of our facilities for over 2 years. Along with many other GROUP & LISTED RACEHORSES.

Monomeith Aquaciser

Our State of the Art undercover Aquaciser was constructed using the latest technology and offers clients many and varied options including Pre-training, Post Race Recovery and Rehabilitation.

With a highly advanced built in cleaning filtration system we are able to provide our horses with the highest level of water quality in a safe and secure environment.

The resistance effect of walking through water builds strength and stamina. With reduced concussive loads on the limbs, it is very effective in treating existing injuries. Also as a preventative to numerous injuries due to the natural gait engaged by walking through water.

Perfect freshening up exercise between races. Alleviating the boredom of training.


Stabling at Monomeith Stud Farm

At Monomeith we pride ourselves on being able to deliver many different stabling options to meet the individual needs of each horse.

Stabling at Monomeith Stud Farm

There are 14 purpose built first class boxes in our Aquaciser Complex. There are also 6 undercover larger yards which are very popular with our older horses.

In addition we have 2 refurbished lovely old barns that cater for another 12 horses. These boxes also have the added benefit of another 6 purpose built day yards on their doorstep. All stables have automatic waters and built in hay racks.

We use only first class bedding to ensure the comfort of every horse.

Agistment at Monomeith Stud Farm

With more than 160 acres of lush green pastures we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best possible care and cater for the individual needs of your horse.

Whether it be a short freshen up from the Racetrack to a longer spell we provide individual safe and secure well fenced paddocks with a tailored feeding program that can be adjusted to the specific needs or requirements of every horse.

We provide first class Canvas Rugs in winter if required but again this is determined by the preference of the client.

We also provide larger well fenced paddocks with natural Tree lined shelters for those who prefer to spell their horses in company. Whether it be Weanlings, Yearlings, Broodmares and Foals or Racehorses.

Additionally we provide an Agistment Service that includes boxing if required, whether it be for Veterinary or Rehabilitation needs.

With our Farm Manager living on site all of our horses are under 24 hour care with Veterinary, Farrier and Dentists on call.

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Monomeith Horse Gym

The High Tech Horse Gym Treadmills are relatively new to the market and are imported from Germany where they are manufactured using the very latest technologies.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this service as a very valuable pre-training asset to our clients.

The notable advantage of this machine is the ability to exercise the horse without the added pressure of carrying weight. Consequently the treadmill provides the ideal mechanism of increasing the training stimulus to obtain the optimum cardiovascular fitness levels without the stress of weight on their back and thereby not unduly stressing their joints and tendons.

It is particularly successful with any horse who carries existing back issues as it enables the horse to build muscle tone through the back and over the hind quarters thus increasing fitness levels in the process.

Monomeith Horse Gym

Monomeith Ground Walker

A very important part of our pre-training regime is the undercover 10 horse ground walker.

This is a very valuable aid, used in conjunction with our Aquaciser as it gives the horse the ability to warm up and cool down prior and after their exercise in the Aquaciser.

It can be used for our short let up horses between runs whereby they are given a light walk in the afternoon to maintain fitness levels. Also as a starting point for fitness, after a lengthy spell.

The greatest advantage of our Walker is that is can be used all year round in all weather conditions.

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